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Create with ease โ€“ use your intuition

Free live webinar with Filip Roeckens and Lisa Kretschmann

Zoom webinar

15 October 2020 at 20:00 CET

How to get over obstacles ? How to make sure we fully focus on what we wish to achieve? When looking at reality or at a problem to be solved, we never see the full picture. Our minds cannot process the amount of information available at any moment. So we filter โ€“ and for that we use knowledge from the past, definitions and beliefs โ€“ providing us with a limited picture or set of solutions. Nothing truly new and innovative can come up.

Our intuition is much smarter than our rational mind; it finds solutions outside of the range of our limited logical reach. In this webinar we will explore the power of our intuition and explain how we can actively access it to source answers anywhere, anytime.

In this webinar you will learn

  • why intuition is so important
  • how it speaks to us
  • how you can actively use it to create what you love

About the facilitators:
Filip Roeckens is an accredited Natural Success coach. After exploring many different schools of personal development, he discovered Natural Success in 2015, and it closed the gaps that all the other models left. Filip loves to connect people with their inner wisdom and to inspire them to dream and create the life they desire.
Lisa Kretschmann is a Creative Consciousness (ICF) certified coach, a graduate from the Natural Success training and coaching programme and a yoga teacher. Having experienced the power of personal development and intuition work in her own life, Lisa is passionate about the amazing shifts she can create in herself and in others.