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Re-focus Academy provides comprehensive and practical trainings for everybody seeking to create truly fulfilled lives.

The human psyche is built in a way that makes us focus on survival, more than anything else. Our orientation relies on past experiences, forming the foundation of how we see the world. But this keeps us stuck in the past, missing out on the potential of each new situation and of living our heart’s true calling.

When we change our perspective on the world, our world changes. Re-focus Academy supports you to live life as an expression of your highest potential. We teach you how to connect to your intuitive wisdom and how to differentiate between the sabotaging voice of your unconscious mind and the voice of your intuition, guiding you to live in line with your true nature and purpose.

Training themes include, among others:

  • Advanced self-awareness
  • Powerful techniques to access your intuition
  • Mechanics of Manifesting
  • Creative principles
  • Visioning techniques
  • Personality type models
  • Hermetical philosophy

Re-focus Academy is founded and run by Lisa Kretschmann and Filip Roeckens.