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Filip Roeckens Natural SuccessFilip Roeckens

I am an accredited Natural Success coach. After exploring many different schools of personal development, I discovered Natural Success in 2015, and it closed the gaps that all the other models left. It empowers us to rise above our limited sense of self (without any need to fix ourselves) to a state of connection with our highest creative nature and potential.

I’m passionate about connecting people with their inner wisdom and authority. I love to inspire people to dream and create the life they desire.




LisaLisa Kretschmann

It is only a couple of years ago that I started to experience the power of coaching and personal development for myself – helping me to break through to my heart, leaving behind feelings of depression and powerlessness over my life.

I am passionate about personal development and the amazing shifts I can create in myself and in others. I have been working in EU advocacy for almost 20 years and I build on my experience in leadership and management, combining it with my coaching skills and intuition based techniques when serving individuals and organisations that are seeking change.

I have acquired the ICF accredited coach certification from Creative Consciousness, graduated from the Natural Success training and coaching programme, and trained as a yoga teacher and Lego Serious Play Method facilitator.

I work in English, German and French.