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Group Coaching

What we need in order to create what we love is vision and awareness.

One does not work without the other. When we create what we love, when we step out of our comfort zones, tension comes up and our vision doesn’t feel good anymore. Building up creative tension and spotting our egoic voices is simple and yet it takes regular practice.

After a very powerful group coaching experience over the last four weeks, we decided to prolong and open the programme to further members. If you wish to share your vision, receive intuitive insights from peers and coaches, and create lasting changes in your life, join us on the forthcoming group coaching journey.

This group programme starts on Tuesday, 17th November, with sessions taking place every other week at 20.00 CET. If you wish to join but cannot make it Tuesday eves please let us know asap.

What’s this about:

  • Setting up creative tension to work in favour of what you want to create
  • Learning and using new intuitive techniques
  • Increasing your awareness
  • Working in a small group of people
  • Feedback and support from two trained coaches

What you get out of it:

  • Manifest results within a short period of time – eg improve personal relationships, find your soulmate, a career that matches your true nature and purpose, feel more belonging with friends/family,…
  • Reduce stress in your daily life through learning to live from intuition
  • Bring your intuitive abilities to read yourself and others to a new level

Your investment: €85/month, including two group coaching sessions of 1.5h each.

Please let us know by Friday 13th latest if you wish to join! Or directly sign up here.