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How to create your choices

  1. LOP Meditation: observe what is there in your Land of Plenty (it can be clear desires/goals/objects, but also feelings, colours, sensations, images,…) – simply note down what you get. Based on the vibration of your LOP you can also actively make it up: asking eg: What else is there? What would I love to have/create? What’s the precious desire that hides from me?
  2. After finishing the meditation, have a look at what you wrote and sort it into themes (eg family, career/new job, cooking, house, abundance, relationship, femininity/masculinity,…)
  3. Formulate the themes into choices:
    • Make sure you are clear on the end result (not the process) – eg I want a car and not how you will create it. The how engages your beliefs.
    • Make sure that you can feel the emotion of how it feels when you have what you want when reading it out to yourself (eg “I choose the end result of my welcoming and beautiful home” rather than “a house”)
    • Not each theme has to lead to one choice, there might be various choices in a theme, or choices where various themes are involved
    • Choices do not have to be clear in detail on how they should manifest – they can, if you are sure about the details, but they may also be something like “I choose the end result of great abundance” or “I choose the end result of my business empowering people” or “I choose the end result of oneness”. You do not have to know what they mean 🙂

To use the mechanics of creating what you truly desire, it is important to nail your choices and to learn how to work with them on a daily basis. From our own experience, we can only emphasize how helpful it is to get support in formulating and in creating/manifesting our choices: resistance will come up when we go for our heart’s desire. Choices might not feel true anymore, and we need to find ways to spot and neutralize the psychological tension and keep the creative tension, otherwise our ego will lead us off track fast.


In order to support your journey, we can offer you:

Monthly practice sessions (€15)

  • Introduce / revise and train different intuitive techniques
  • Thematic sessions


Group coaching (€95)

  • 2 sessions / month
  • Making inspired choices
  • Set up creative tension


Coaching, bi-weekly sessions containing:

  • LOP & Formulation of choices
  • Tuning into the choices: Vision – Current Reality – Bridge
  • Intuitive processes to keep you on the razor’s edge of creating

Contact us for further details via Facebook or mail.