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Complete your 2023

Complete your 2023

Completion is one of the most important steps in the creative process. It is the key to building momentum.

There are three reasons why it is powerful:

1.    Acknowledge what you HAVE achieved, done, created

We tend to look forward at what we want to achieve and what we have not done yet, with the risk of dismissing what we have already achieved. Give your subconscious the message that you ARE a powerful creator!

2.    Look back at what you have learnt from your experience / year / activity / event

This is obviously important. Not just for the sake of learning and growing, but also to be able to adjust both your actions towards your goals, as well as your goals. We can easily leave the path and run for something that is not 100% true for us.

3.    De-clutter & create space in your consciousness

Even though event may be over and you do not consciously think of it anymore, your subconscious will still be busy with it, dispersing your energy. Completion transmits the message that you can let go of a positive or difficult experience, that you can turn the page and focus your energy on your next step.

It takes three simple questions to complete anything. It’s a tool that you can and should use after finishing any project, any event, or manifestation. For example a project or event at work, moving houses, having given a workshop, or after a job interview.

We are offering a free completion session on 12 December at 6pm CET, guiding you through a set of questions to complete your 2023 and to move on to 2024 with fresh energy and ideas.

Please register so we know you are joining us for “Complete your 2023”!

“We do not learn from experience… we learn from reflecting on experience.” – John Dewey