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Intuition Practice

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We're sorry, but all tickets sales have ended because the event is expired.
  • May 3, 2021
    20:00 - 21:30


As humans, we operate on different levels of consciousness:

  • the rational mind, responsible for analysing, counting, etc.
  • the unconscious, containing our beliefs and definitions
  • the superconscious, speaking to us through our intuition


All three are active all the time, sending messages to us. The rational mind and the unconscious speak to us through our thoughts, emotions and feelings. The superconscious also sends messages, but the language is different and we often dismiss its information as we do not “understand” the language or simply do not trust anything not coming from our rational mind. However it is the superconscious that connects us to everything through all time and space, the one that is able to make connections that are normally not made, and the one that is able to see behind the messages sent from our belief system.

The thing is, we cannot be in our intuition and in our rational mind/unconscious. It is either or. We are either compensating for our beliefs, rationalising all decisions taken from there, or we are in our superconscious. And either or will manifest in our reality. That’s structural.

Being in the superconscious is not possible all the time, but we can access it at any time and for any question we have, instead of leaving thoughts and feelings unquestioned. It is not complicated. But it requires a bit of training. Just like a muscle that has not been trained. Go into innocence and ask: What’s obvious about this? And make it up!

Let’s activate our superconscious gym! If you would like to practice intuitive techniques with peers, we offer an intuition practice session on Monday 3 May at 8pm CET (7pm UK time). 1.5 hours of fun, practice and potential questions. Your contribution: €15.



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