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What’s your intuition telling you?

Lisa Radtalks

Yes, intuition is some kind of a gut feeling. Or better said, some people can feel it in their guts. For sure it is something that is not just in our heads, it also comes from a different place inside or outside of us. And it is much more than a gut feeling!

We always imagine our consciousness as having three different levels, or simply three voices inside of us.

The first one is our waking consciousness, our rational mind. It is awake when we are awake and helps us to analyse, to count, to think.

The second voice is our unconscious mind. It contains our belief system and our definitions of how the world is. It speaks to us through thoughts and feelings (which we often mistake for the truth). The unconscious is awake 24/7.

And the last and least loud voice is our intuition. Our intuition comes from a superconscious level. It connects us to everything through all time and space. And it speaks to us in a much more subtle way than the other two voices. It comes through bodily sensations, whispers, symbols, images or even colours. We need to actively listen to it and decipher what it means to us in order to get what this voice is saying.

This sounds complicated but it is not. It is simple and as most simple things they become easy when we get used to it. Learn to listen to and understand your intuitive voice.

Recently Radmila van Os interviewed Lisa for her Radtalks podcast. They discuss the power of intuition, and more. You can watch it on Youtube or listen to it on Soundcloud. Enjoy!

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