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Lisa Kretschmann

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Become an essentialist

Managing our agendas is probably one of the most challenging undertakings nowadays. Most of us are always super busy, at work as well as with family and in our spare time. With the result that we feel stressed, overworked, busy but unproductive and constantly in motion without really getting anywhere. The most common mistakes we make are: –    Planning in too much –    Underestimating the time things take –    Not planning in “rest” or break… Read More »Become an essentialist


Complete and move on

Completion is one of the most important steps in the creative process. It is the key to building momentum. There are three reasons why it is powerful: 1.    Acknowledge what you HAVE achieved, done, created We tend to look forward at what we want to achieve and what we have not done yet with the risk of dismissing what we have already achieved – give your subconscious the message that you ARE a powerful creator! 2.    Look… Read More »Complete and move on


Did you ever notice?

Have you ever noticed what you are naturally good at? We generally take note of what is tiring and annoying us, what we don’t like doing and what we are not doing well (our inner critic!). And not of the contrary, what we love. But it is exactly these talents and areas that distinguish us from others, that we enjoy most, and that we are probably really good at. These natural abilities often stay unnoticed,… Read More »Did you ever notice?

out of the way

Get out of the way!

The human approach to everything is coming from the question “how can I do this?” Whatever we want to create or achieve, the first thing our mind is coming up with is the question “how?” And that is the one that kills many dreams. In fact, it is not really helping to create anything. Because it makes us get in our heads, and with that we are disconnected from our intuition and our connection to… Read More »Get out of the way!


Are you really listening?

We often feel not being listened to when we do not get what we want or ask for. And that might be true. But do you really listen??? I am thinking fast and talking fast and whilst I listen to somebody else, the answers and comments start popping up in my head automatically. When I started my education as a coach I had to realise that I am not really listening. I was hearing the… Read More »Are you really listening?


Be a self-activist

There are moments where we feel everything else than great. When the world makes you swallow bitter pills. When you are just completely out of flow. It helps to grieve when necessary and to acknowledge things are shit when they are. But you don’t have to stay there forever, suffering and dimming your light (which makes others suffer too). In order to be happy and to light up or help others around you, you have… Read More »Be a self-activist


What are you not allowing?

When we get angry or irritated with another person, it is likely that their behaviour triggered us. Or something in us. 99,9% of triggers are not caused by what another person is doing or how they are being. They are caused by us not allowing something in ourselves. Something that we may actually have in ourselves but that we strongly try to suppress. And when we see it alive in somebody else, it is very… Read More »What are you not allowing?


It takes will to be in your heart

It takes will to be in your heart. This may sound contradictory, but it isn’t. Living the life you love is not always sunshine and butterflies. The challenge is that when you are going FOR what you love, you are going AGAINST safety. We all have an ego which has the function to keep you safe: it conveys your deepest fears and it will do everything to prevent you from stepping out of your safety and… Read More »It takes will to be in your heart


You think you are thinking

We think our thoughts are ours – and they are, but not the way you think. They emerge from your brain, but not from YOU. What I mean is that we have a personality, an ego, however you wish to call it, that is there for our survival. It has absorbed all rules of society, all conditioning; it has located the sources of danger for you and based on that, created your belief system and… Read More »You think you are thinking

not about you

It’s not about you

We tend to take things personally. By default. Because it always feels like being about us. Guess what: it is not true! More often than not, it is not about you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own beliefs, their situation and feelings. On your side, on most occasions when you get upset, hurt, or angry, it has nothing to do with the other person either. It happens… Read More »It’s not about you