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Be – Do – Have

Be Do Have

Many people have a to-do list. But do you have a to-be list?

Doing and being are closely connected when it comes to achieving goals. You can work hard towards goals and take a tremendous amount of action. But you may never get there fully, or stay there, if you do not adapt your being. This counts in particular for bigger shifts. Our attitude and the way we show up determine to a large extent where we get and what we achieve in life.

There is a very old principle, called Be-Do-Have. Only in this order can you create powerfully. Once you are clear on your vision, the most important question to ask is not “What do I need to do?” but rather “Who do I need to be?“. In other words, knowing where your consciousness, your state of being is at. Knowing which thoughts, feelings and emotions you are paying attention to.

If you want to create with success and with less effort, ask yourself: “Who do I need to be to achieve my end result?”

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