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What the hell is purpose?


Have you ever been really fed up with anything in your life? Or completely bored? Most probably, what’s been missing in that moment is purpose. I know it is a big word but it doesn’t have to be a big thing to find it.

In Christianism, purpose declares why you exist. It captures the heart of why you are on this Earth and why Jesus died for you. That gives it a quite heavy meaning. However, etymologically it goes back to the 14th century (purpus), meaning “an intention, aim, goal, object to be kept in view”.

By definition, purpose is the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. Nothing more. Nothing less. It simply is the “why” for anything we do, want to do or dream of. Something that creates meaning.

Working for the sake of having an income can be a purpose. Giving to others or teaching what you are good at is a purpose. Bringing forth a new project in order to improve a legal framework or the functioning of an organisation has purpose. It’s this feeling of knowing exactly why you do something.

When it’s missing in any small or big part or undertaking of your life, it will be painful to pursue. Simply because it does not make enough sense to invest yourself. Whenever you feel restless, unfulfilled or low in energy, ask for your personal why. What’s the purpose, your purpose?

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