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Be out of control

Be out of control

Control is an illusion. We think that we have control over our lives (or most parts of it). But do we really? Do we have control over our kids? Over our house? Over the weather? Over other people’s behaviors or reactions? Over our health?

Most of the above will for sure be influenced by our actions, the end result however is out of our control.

It is a quite sobering way to see it, I know. But I find it very liberating: when we accept that we do not have control over our life, over other people, over our career, it is enough that we do our best. No degree of perfectionism guarantees an end result.

It is not what comes out of our behavior that counts, but what we put in. Don Miguel Ruiz, in his book “The Four Agreements” describes this principle aptly as “Always do your best”. Not more, not less. This way, we can be proud of our actions and can let go of the rest.

“The task is not to control the wind, but to direct the movements of the ship so that it stays on course.”
~ Jessica and Michael Hinz

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