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Don’t focus on your problems

pink elephant

If you focus on getting rid of what you don’t want anymore, you will create more of exactly that (what you don’t want). So if you focus on your problems, you are likely to repeat or amplify them.

It is simple: our focus creates our reality.

When I focus on seeing red sports cars, I will see red sports cars. When I focus on not seeing pink elephants – I WILL see pink elephants. If your attention constantly goes to not failing or not losing money, then it is still on failing and losing money.

It is not always obvious on what our unconscious mind is really focusing on. But in case you keep on running into the same kind of issues, you can be quite sure that your focus is not in the best place for you to create what you want.

In order to change your focus, ask yourself: what would I love to create instead? Focus on goals that have a higher vibration than the things you try to get away from.

If it is about stopping to lose money, focus on abundance. If it is about creating a relationship that works for you, focus on the attributes that you would like to experience – love, trust, warmth, fun for example. If you wish to quit smoking, focus on improving your health or feeling fit. That what you focus on has to be true for you in order for your subconscious to understand that THIS is what you truly want (and not the things you try to get away from).

“Your life is controlled by what you focus on” – Tony Robbins

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