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Good and bad are equally bad


Meaning that both are labels that we attach to events, actions or people. What is good and bad anyway other than a randomly attached definition that can be very different in another country, society or family. In any case, it is always based on our conditioning.

Without wanting to judge the label “bad”, it simply doesn’t serve you nor anybody else. We use a lot of our energy to deny or rage over aspects of ourselves and others, rather than focusing on the best possible solution.

Take something about yourself that you are really not proud of: It might not be beautiful, but if you make it wrong, if you label it as “bad”, you disempower yourself. And by rejecting or denying what you perceive to be bad about yourself, others or the world, you only give it more power.

Taking the label off and observing it as what it is feels completely different.

Imagine to stop making anything or anybody wrong. For your own sake, let them be what they are.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” – William Shakespeare

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