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The power of intention


Setting an intention is a very powerful tool. Why? Because it points your focus to something that you want to experience or achieve.

Focus is tricky as our subconscious focuses on whatever it perceives being most important. And very often, this is not what is most important to you but simply anything that your mind is occupied with. If, for example, you wish to find a new relationship but something in you believes that you don’t deserve it, it is very likely that the focus is more on the not deserving than on the finding. With the result that you will probably spend most of your energy into becoming deserving (eg doing lots of things for others, charities, working hard, etc).

Intention however, is a tool to temporarily focus on something specific. And whilst you may have forgotten about it during the day, your subconscious won’t. It will keep focus and serve and show you what you intended to see or get.

And do not mistake it for a tool reserved to the greatest dreams – no, it is a very practical one we can use in everyday life: Today, I intend to have a joyful relationship with my kids; this week I set the intention to be focused; today I want to be positively surprised; I will be the best version of myself; or my workday will be in flow; I set the intention to find a new job, or eat something I have never tasted before,..

Obviously there are unlimited possibilities.
What do you intend to do or experience today?

“Our intention creates our reality” – Wayne Dyer

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