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Imagination is a tool


Imagine… starting a sentence with this word is an invitation to visit our subconscious mind. To see something that is not physically in front of us, or that is not part of our present moment or reality.

Exactly that makes imagination a very powerful creation tool. Whenever you want to create something in your life, you need to create it in your imagination first. You need to tell your subconscious that this is what you want.

Whenever there is something that your heart desires, imagine having it. Bring it into your mind’s presence. In doing so you will not only give it more space (our heart speaks with a much more subtle and silent voice than our rational brain), you will also be able to get clarity on the details of what you want – including your next steps.

Sounds childish? It is not. If you cannot even imagine having what you want, you are not yet ready to have it. Imagining it, tuning into the details, giving it space will give your subconscious mind the signal to focus on it, to seek out for it, to bring it alive. And it will guide you on the next steps.

In order to have events or changes manifest in your life, you need to imagine them first. It is not a toy, it is a tool. A powerful one.

“Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will get you everywhere” – Albert Einstein

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