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Get out of the way!

out of the way

The human approach to everything is coming from the question “how can I do this?” Whatever we want to create or achieve, the first thing our mind is coming up with is the question “how?”

And that is the one that kills many dreams.

In fact, it is not really helping to create anything. Because it makes us get in our heads, and with that we are disconnected from our intuition and our connection to everything around. We can do and plan things, but your creative spirit is not in your head. It is actually not yours at all…

For creating and manifesting, the universe has foreseen a different process and that basically starts with the words: “Know what you want and get out of the way”.

Your creations are being put together outside of you.

If that sounds woo-woo, you probably remember situations where things were falling in place in a magical way? Like when you feel drawn to join the birthday party of a friend of a friend and it is there that you meet the new business partner that you were desiring to find. Pure coincidence? We think not. This is what true creative mastery is about.

It is not about waiting for things to happen, but about aligning with what you really truly want (you need to feel it), focusing on the end result, and taking the next obvious step. Which may not always make sense from a logical perspective. But this is where we need to get out of the way.

When you are aligned with your goal, when you keep your focus, and you are able to receive what has been put together for you, this is true magic. And it is available for you all the time.

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