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Create powerfully using both masculine and feminine energy


When talking about the masculine and feminine, we often rather compare these two, instead of looking at the beautiful marriage of both – in all of us.

Masculine and feminine are archetypes relating to the energy moving through us and every creation. In other traditions they are named yin and yang, or shiva and shakti. Everyone of us has both feminine and masculine qualities, independent from which gender you are or feel you belong to. Principles of the masculine and the feminine are governing everything in nature.

The feminine is like a container, it carries the energy of receiving, nurturing, being and accepting, whilst the masculine embodies structure, doing and deciding. When we wish to make decisions in line with our truth, we need to connect to our feminine first to receive intuitive wisdom, to connect to our soul. In order to bring it out in the world, to make it happen, we need the energy of the masculine, which is more linear and direct, implying action and will.

It is not about doing or being only, it is about embracing and nurturing both, the masculine and feminine traits in us; about bringing back one or the other when we are in a state of imbalance.

I have experienced a strong imbalance in myself, suppressing my feminine, ignoring my intuition, focusing on action and pushing through rather than on nurturing and being who I am. It probably supported my career but lead to burnout and depression.

Too much masculine can lead to losing connection with ourselves and – on the outside – to aggression and domination. Too much feminine on the other hand may lead to disempowerment and stagnation. Balance is the sweet spot. Go and marry the two in you.

“If any human being is to reach full maturity both the masculine and the feminine sides of the personality must be brought up into consciousness.” – Mary Esther Harding

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