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Money is love


Money is a delicate subject in our society. We all need it, we all want it. Our society believes more in money than in anything else, and of course, that makes it seem absolutely indispensable to our survival.

And yet money is not just a currency. It brings up mixed feelings for most. Some might feel like never having enough, others see a ‘dirty’ side to it, some like spending and others don’t. It may provide feelings of status, of safety, or provoke fears, greed, guilt or envy. The latter are often not literally related to money as such, but to your relationship to it and/or to yourself.

All my life, I felt tight with money. I want it, I earn it, and I have difficulties spending it on anything not strictly necessary. And to be really honest, paying for something I don’t want can even cause me panic attacks. It is ridiculous and makes me feel ashamed, as I am among the lucky ones earning more than enough to live well. And I know it is all in my head and related to self-worth.

Last weekend, we experienced something that opened up a new perspective. We were attending a spiritual ceremony and at the very end, the shaman suddenly said (quite unexpectedly for me):

What if money was love?
Let it flow with abundance.
Use it with love and use it as love. Let it flow.
What is money stacked on a bank account worth anyway?

It came as a healthy shock to my system and is still landing. What if money was love? What if we can put it into a new context?

“Money is a tool. Used properly it makes something beautiful. Used wrong, it makes a mess!” – Bradley Vinson

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