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Burn bright, not out!

burn bright

It is a fact that when we take time out to relax, we’re more engaged and productive. I know that. And, it does not really land with me, or encourage me to do so.

It is a myth that burnout is only work related. It comes from people doing too much and/or being in situations that are so draining emotionally that they simply burn out.

We cannot do everything 100%. We have to set priorities, meaning that we also have to dare to be less successful at work, less of a perfect mum, to allow our golf handicap to decline/worsen, to reduce travel or social time with friends.

Setting priorities is not only about becoming more successful at some things, but also about doing less or saying no to others.

I just read the expression “burn bright, not out” and I love that. We need to choose areas where we want to excel or advance, where we put more energy, and others where we don’t. And we can actually do so again every day, month or year.

When we are trying to balance everything at once, we always end up frustrated, because it’s impossible and we will inevitably miss the target in some areas.

Instead we can choose a life area that we consciously prioritize for a period of time, admitting that we do not prioritize the others and thus do not need to expect the same results.

It is not about “less is more”, but about deciding which fire to burn so we can keep going without extinguishing the flames in burning out.

“The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long.” –  Lao Tzu, Te-Tao Ching

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