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The power of joy


Discover the power of celebrating joy and embracing happiness in life. Explore why many struggle to find joy and pleasure, and learn how nurturing your own happiness can enhance creativity, resilience, and overall wellbeing.

We often talk about how to deal with difficult situations, to face our fears, to allow pain and sadness as part of life. Because they are inevitable at times.

However, not to be mistaken: we are meant to enjoy life, to experience bliss, pleasure and happiness. For the sake of it. But also to grow and expand into the best version of ourselves. As there is big power in celebrating joy.

Interestingly, despite our social media smiley culture, many of us have trouble being happy. To allow pleasure and to hold states of joy for a longer period. And here are the main reasons:

– we are not used to it anymore after times of hardship
– we feel we are not deserving it (in a world with war and suffering…)
– and/or it can stem from a fear that something bad might happen when we innocently enjoy life and get hit unprepared (Brene Brown calls it “foreboding joy”).

We cannot prepare for adversity. It happens. But we can provide for happiness, for pleasure and joy. In doing things that fill us with bliss, in travelling, in treating us to massages, to sunshine, to fun social moments,… or anything else that makes you simply feel great and fulfilled.

When we nurture our own happiness and wellbeing, we also nurture our creativity, our energy, our efficiency, our health, our resilience, our faith –  and for sure we will be nicer to be around.

“Learning to celebrate joy is one of the great practices of the spiritual life.” – Joan D. Chittister

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