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You can’t outdo your being


Any amount of action will not get you the desired results if your being is not aligned. You have to get ready inside first.

You can’t benefit from a great view until you have climbed the mountain. It won’t be available to you until you have brought yourself up to a certain level.

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to become one inside. If you wish to write a book, become an author first. If you want to be a mum or dad, a millionaire or the most wanted Ukulele player in the country, you need to feel and believe that this who you are.

See, once you are at that level in your being, the relevant information and opportunities will naturally become available to you.

How to become ready?  Ask yourself: Who do I need to be in order to become a millionaire, a successful entrepreneur, or the most wanted Ukulele player in the country. Be willing to call on things inside of you that you may not know you had. Let it simmer. Feel how it feels. And start BEING that…

“Who you are being is everything.” – Steve Hardison

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