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You think you are thinking


We think our thoughts are ours – and they are, but not the way you think.

They emerge from your brain, but not from YOU. What I mean is that we have a personality, an ego, however you wish to call it, that is there for our survival. It has absorbed all rules of society, all conditioning; it has located the sources of danger for you and based on that, created your belief system and the way you see the world. And it will make a big fuss whenever any of this is challenged.

This is what we mean with it is not YOU. Your thoughts (and your feelings) are not coming from your essence, but from something that is just one part of you. It is the part that makes you worry. It is not the part that is the most reliable when you want to create a life you love.

Thinking is useful for lots of activities related to rational and logical planning, organizing, analysing or counting. But your thoughts are not suited to support you with important decisions. In contrary, for those you will rather want to treat your thoughts with caution. Simply because that part is not the most creative, most genius you.

When I decided to leave my job, it did not make sense. My thinking helped to find fall back solutions, and to reassure my ego. And that was helpful. But it would not have dared to fully support this (dangerous) step. It required me to feel deeper into the matter and to let it emerge from there. I needed to access that inner knowing that you can call your gut feeling, your intuition, or your spiritual being.

So there is nothing wrong with thinking – it has its place and function in human lives. But choose what you use it for and do not rely on your thoughts alone when it comes to taking decisions. When it is about going for something you love, when you are looking for solutions in line with your true self, your soul, your heart, listen to the voice of your deeper knowing.

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