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Most of us constantly worry about what others think of us. That we might look ridiculous, that people don’t like us or disagree with our actions.

It is a natural thing as belonging is one of the most fundamental needs we have as humans. And when others disagree or dislike us, we put that at risk.

However, have you ever considered that the majority of people are actually worrying what YOU think about them? And that they are seeking validation from YOU?

We most likely do not give validation as much as we would love to receive it.

And whilst it is of course a great idea to overcome our need for validation and to not be held back by the fear of others’ judgement, focusing on providing validation is actually a great tool.

The funny thing is: it will make you feel more valued too. Focusing on validating rather than the fear of being disliked will tell your subconscious that there is validation instead of danger – and whether it is validation of you or from you doesn’t make a difference…

PS: And I mean validating, not people pleasing. Expressing it when you value something about somebody. As your inner critic will also get it when you do not mean it…

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire

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