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Intention matters


Words matter most when spoken with intention. When I have a fight with my partner because I feel not respected by him/her acting in a certain way, I can either address this from a position of “I am right and you are wrong and I want you to know that and to change that”. Or I can come from an intention of: “I want our relationship to be the most loving and amazing on the planet and it truly matters to me that you know that what you did or said, did not feel good to me.”

Can you feel the difference?

The words may be similar, but the intention behind and the energy with which they are transmitted are completely different. The first one is about me winning, the second one is about us winning. And that makes all of a difference.

This is not only applicable to relationships and romantic love, this is actually applicable to every conversation on Earth. When we take full responsibility for our words, for our speaking, we can have a huge impact.

It may feel like a sacrifice at first. But when we are aware about the intention behind our words, and when we care about the higher good, we create a better world for us and everybody around us.

The best question to ask ourselves before speaking: What is my (true) intention? – and ideally correct it when it is not serving a higher good.

“It is only when you take responsibility for your life that you discover how powerful you truly are.” – Allanah Hunt

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