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Language is powerful – we create as we speak

Language is powerful

Language is powerful! That’s not new. But did you ever consider HOW powerful it is? And how much of the way you experience life daily is related to the way you speak?

An example:

I am not good at IT (one of my preferred sentences). With this in mind, how am I going to experience the next little hick-up of my laptop? Correct, with a panic attack and lots of anger coming from feeling so powerless over my device, that it is going to ruin my day.

Saying “I am an IT genius” is not going to work either as this would be an affirmation that my subconscious would just laugh about, knowing exactly how I feel inside. But when I say “I am open to learn to better understand IT”, this actually FEELS different. And it feels right.

Language puts focus and focus creates reality.

Yes it is as simple as that – and not as easy. Or let’s better say… it’s going to get easier and easier and it is going to be really cool!

“Abracadabra” (I create as I speak) ― Serenus Sammonicus

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