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Positive affirmations affirm the negative

I was told that I needed to increase my self-love and self-worth in repeating to myself how much I love me and how worthy I am. So I tried telling myself: “I love you, I love you, I am worthy, I am worthy,…”, and I hated it! It felt so wrong and it put my attention right in the center of the pain. And that is exactly why it didn’t work. If we are trying… Read More »Positive affirmations affirm the negative


Don’t focus on the how

Whilst perseverance can be useful and necessary, constantly pushing through closed doors when there are obstacles and resistance is not the most direct way to achieve your goals. Our mind wants and claims to know the way and tells us what to do or not to do. And this is not very helpful when we want to create.. Your rational mind tells you not to do things when you are scared. It requests you to… Read More »Don’t focus on the how


Imagination is a tool

Imagine… starting a sentence with this word is an invitation to visit our subconscious mind. To see something that is not physically in front of us, or that is not part of our present moment or reality. Exactly that makes imagination a very powerful creation tool. Whenever you want to create something in your life, you need to create it in your imagination first. You need to tell your subconscious that this is what you… Read More »Imagination is a tool


Good and bad are equally bad

Meaning that both are labels that we attach to events, actions or people. What is good and bad anyway other than a randomly attached definition that can be very different in another country, society or family. In any case, it is always based on our conditioning. Without wanting to judge the label “bad”, it simply doesn’t serve you nor anybody else. We use a lot of our energy to deny or rage over aspects of… Read More »Good and bad are equally bad


The power of intention

Setting an intention is a very powerful tool. Why? Because it points your focus to something that you want to experience or achieve. Focus is tricky as our subconscious focuses on whatever it perceives being most important. And very often, this is not what is most important to you but simply anything that your mind is occupied with. If, for example, you wish to find a new relationship but something in you believes that you… Read More »The power of intention


Dare to miss out

Have you heard of FOMO? It sounds quite cool but it’s not cool at all when you have it. It’s the fear of missing out and it is a huge driver for burnout. Typically it makes you feel that you absolutely need to be in every single meeting, to dance on every party, and that you cannot miss a single lesson of your Chinese course as well as of your gym class the same evening,… Read More »Dare to miss out

Stimulus Response

Mind the gap

There is a gap between stimulus and response. Even if it’s just a milli-second, the moment something happens we still have a chance to decide on how we wish to respond before we do. Re-action is literally acting on something that happened before. And it is often understood as a response that is not based on choice, but on pure and immediate re-action. “I over-reacted” is an example where we responded in a way that we… Read More »Mind the gap


You can’t outdo your being

Any amount of action will not get you the desired results if your being is not aligned. You have to get ready inside first. You can’t benefit from a great view until you have climbed the mountain. It won’t be available to you until you have brought yourself up to a certain level. If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, you need to become one inside. If you wish to write a book, become… Read More »You can’t outdo your being

pink elephant

Don’t focus on your problems

If you focus on getting rid of what you don’t want anymore, you will create more of exactly that (what you don’t want). So if you focus on your problems, you are likely to repeat or amplify them. It is simple: our focus creates our reality. When I focus on seeing red sports cars, I will see red sports cars. When I focus on not seeing pink elephants – I WILL see pink elephants. If… Read More »Don’t focus on your problems

Be out of control

Be out of control

Control is an illusion. We think that we have control over our lives (or most parts of it). But do we really? Do we have control over our kids? Over our house? Over the weather? Over other people’s behaviors or reactions? Over our health? Most of the above will for sure be influenced by our actions, the end result however is out of our control. It is a quite sobering way to see it, I… Read More »Be out of control