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Travel comes with side effects

Travel is the one thing that brings out the best and the worst in us. Because we put ourselves in a situation where everything is different than usual. When I say travel, I do not mean a three day business trip or a two week vacation in a hotel in one place (although this can be quite challenging too!). What I mean is being “on the road”, being away from our routines at home. Because consciously or… Read More »Travel comes with side effects

Language is powerful

Language is powerful – we create as we speak

Language is powerful! That’s not new. But did you ever consider HOW powerful it is? And how much of the way you experience life daily is related to the way you speak? An example: I am not good at IT (one of my preferred sentences). With this in mind, how am I going to experience the next little hick-up of my laptop? Correct, with a panic attack and lots of anger coming from feeling so… Read More »Language is powerful – we create as we speak

New Year's resolutions

Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work

I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions because generally they don’t last. The reason is that if the motivation for change comes from the hope that with a new year everything will be different, nothing will change. As you will not change anything. I have been struggling with addictive behaviours in my 20s and 30s. And I was hoping that with each move, each new job, each new year, each anniversary, each birthday,…… Read More »Why New Year’s resolutions don’t work


The power of joy

Discover the power of celebrating joy and embracing happiness in life. Explore why many struggle to find joy and pleasure, and learn how nurturing your own happiness can enhance creativity, resilience, and overall wellbeing. We often talk about how to deal with difficult situations, to face our fears, to allow pain and sadness as part of life. Because they are inevitable at times. However, not to be mistaken: we are meant to enjoy life, to… Read More »The power of joy

beliefs - upsidedown

Don’t believe your beliefs!

We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves. The kind of “I am not good enough, I am not worthy, I don’t belong, I am not capable” and so on. They are beliefs because they do not reflect the truth of who we are. They are conclusions we made based on situations where we did not get what we wanted or needed. Often these happened far back in early childhood. As we have cultivated them since,… Read More »Don’t believe your beliefs!



Consciousness is our capacity to observe ourselves, our thoughts and feelings. It is not easy to step out of our minds, to take the distance to look at its messages with curiosity. We usually take all thoughts and feelings generated in our heads and bodies for the truth. And yet they are not. We generate thoughts and feelings based on millions of experiences stored in our brains as guidelines to deal with daily life. But their… Read More »Observe


Positivity isn’t positive

If we try to be positive at any price, laughing away pain or just ignoring when things go down the drain, we are not gaining anything. In contrary. For someone who is struggling, it’s damaging to hear toxic positivity from friends or see people on social media saying to “just stay positive”. Why can things not be “bad” from time to time? What’s wrong with being sad or angry? We tend to create a segmentation between… Read More »Positivity isn’t positive



Most of us constantly worry about what others think of us. That we might look ridiculous, that people don’t like us or disagree with our actions. It is a natural thing as belonging is one of the most fundamental needs we have as humans. And when others disagree or dislike us, we put that at risk. However, have you ever considered that the majority of people are actually worrying what YOU think about them? And… Read More »Validation


You don’t need to be confident

Confidence is often seen as the number one requirement to succeed in this world. But is it really? First of all it is important to distinguish self-confidence from self-esteem or self-worth. The latter is related to your BEING – how you are feeling about yourself. Confidence is more related to your judgement about being able to DO something. This is interesting because feeling prepared to perform a task depends on your skills and experience and… Read More »You don’t need to be confident


Behind every criticism is a wish

It is so easy to criticize somebody. And it is so difficult to say what we want instead. Why? Because criticism is an oblique way to avoid rejection. To tell you that you did something wrong is safer than to tell you what I need and to show you who I am. Disclosing a desire is a quite vulnerable thing to do. When I express a wish, I might get hurt in not receiving what I… Read More »Behind every criticism is a wish