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Choose your next words carefully

Language is powerful… The words you use do not only express the content of their literal meaning. They also transmit a lot about yourself and how you relate to what you are saying. And they heavily influence what message lands with your audience. If you want to take the lead and increase the impact of what you are saying, avoid the words “just”, “only” and “because”. Here’s what message they transmit: Just – “I am… Read More »Choose your next words carefully

Be Do Have

Be – Do – Have

Many people have a to-do list. But do you have a to-be list? Doing and being are closely connected when it comes to achieving goals. You can work hard towards goals and take a tremendous amount of action. But you may never get there fully, or stay there, if you do not adapt your being. This counts in particular for bigger shifts. Our attitude and the way we show up determine to a large extent where… Read More »Be – Do – Have


Stop pointing fingers

We often talk about the past and how it has impacted us and who we are today. We are all aware about childhood wounds and the influence our caretakers have on how we see the world. That’s great to be aware of. However, today, when we suffer from consequences of these influences, we tend to point our finger and I often hear the sentence “I know it is because my parents did or didn’t do… Read More »Stop pointing fingers

Lisa Radtalks

What’s your intuition telling you?

Yes, intuition is some kind of a gut feeling. Or better said, some people can feel it in their guts. For sure it is something that is not just in our heads, it also comes from a different place inside or outside of us. And it is much more than a gut feeling! We always imagine our consciousness as having three different levels, or simply three voices inside of us. The first one is our waking… Read More »What’s your intuition telling you?


Setting healthy boundaries

A boundary is a real or imagined line that marks the edge or limit of something. The Ural mountains for example mark the boundary between Europe and Asia. But what are personal boundaries? And how do we protect them? This is a big one! Most people don’t find it easy to set their boundaries. And here is why: we don’t know them! A classic example is work. Everybody who has experienced a burnout has clearly… Read More »Setting healthy boundaries


Are you afraid of fear?

We all know how it feels to have fear. We all have it. We all hate it. Fear of losing something or someone close, fear of failing, fear of not being loved, of being rejected, etc. We can distinguish two categories of fears. First of all situational ones, meaning fear of things that could happen to us or of changes we may want to make (changing job, having a child,…). The second category comprises all… Read More »Are you afraid of fear?



Personal development is not about avoiding the pitfalls. It is about learning to come out of them faster and stronger. I used to think that still having real “dips” in my life was proof that I am not applying my learnings well enough. I was blaming myself for it. It should just not happen anymore! But let’s be honest: we are human beings and as much as we learn about our functioning and our unconscious… Read More »Pitfalls